Choosing foods closest to their natural state

Eat less C.R.A.P.! Whenever possible, choose foods that are closest to their natural state. This means eating an apple with the skin as opposed to apple juice, or a baked potato instead of french fries. Here’s a cool tip to help you make healthy choices at the grocery store: shop the perimeter! Most grocery stores are designed so that their fresh fruits, veggies, dairy, fish, meats, and other healthy foods are set up along the outer walls of the store. Take a minute and think about it. In the stores you frequent, where are the cake mixes, the potato chips or the packaged cookies located? Most likely in the center isles. Of course there are exceptions, but generally, by putting the healthier foods around the perimeter, you have to walk by all the processed, unhealthy foods. It’s a great way to tempt you into buying those blueberry muffin bites that are on sale. Of course not all items in the middle isles are bad, but just be conscious while you shop, and don’t buy CRAP.