awesome brainYour Awesome Brain: Dr. Lee’s Health Secrets (Book Two) Kindle Edition
by Edwin Lee (Author), Jim Huth (Author), Bryan Burright (Illustrator)

As a mother, Nurse Practitioner, and Consultant to a School District, I highly recommend that ALL parents read this book and then have your children read it. Isn’t it every parent’s dream to have their children grow up extremely intelligent (going for the college scholarships) and with a personality that is endearing to all those around them? And don’t we all spend lots of money paying for the best pre-school programs and the SAT preparation courses in order to give them the best chance to reach their optimal potential! It just makes sense that we would also follow what is outlined in this book to protect our children’s brains from outward and inward insults. Children should grow up thinking that wearing a helmet when riding a bike is no different from buckling a seat belt when getting into a car. Also, if food is our fuel for the brain, we should protect our children’s brain from the daily insults of sugary, high fructose corn syrup with chemical such as artificial colors and flavors. Let your children see for themselves the “simple but SO true” lessons from this book how to best PROTECT ourselves so we all have “awesome brain power”!

Your Awesome Brain is a book for all ages to learn on how to have an awesome brain and explains that why eating too much sugar is bad for you, playing football is dangerous to your health, what a stroke is, and neuroplasticity (your brain can get smarter as we age).

More about Your Awesome Brain: Your Awesome Brain won a prestigious award, Purple Dragonfly for children’s health. Below is the link for the book, and for the Kindle version it costs $6